Apartment Hunting In A Hot Market? 3 Tips For Open Houses

Apartment Hunting In A Hot Market? 3 Tips For Open Houses

Apartment Hunting In A Hot Market? 3 Tips For Open Houses

30 November 2022
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Being too selective over an apartment can lead to losing out on a great place to live when you're searching in a hot market. With limited apartments available for rent, you'll need to be flexible and understand what you can do to find a place you'll love.

Submitting an application and deposit for an apartment can be a big decision, making the following tips so helpful in securing an apartment. 

Bring a Checklist

In a hot market, committing to an apartment in such a hurry can be tough. Since it's not unusual for apartments to receive multiple applications the first day they're listed, you'll need to be assertive. An excellent way to do this is to have a checklist with all your must-have features clearly outlined. 

From the square footage and number of bedrooms to the location and price, having a criteria list will help you avoid apartments that aren't a good fit. Knowing what's a must-have and want can save you from wasting time on an apartment tour that won't fit your needs. 

Take Photos 

Keeping track of all the apartments you tour can be challenging when seeing many listings in a short time. Taking photographs of each apartment is essential in remembering what each apartment has to offer. Bringing your phone or a separate camera to take photos of each apartment can allow you to reflect on each listing. Even if an apartment is unavailable after leaving the tour, the photographs will help you remember the important features and make it easier to find the next apartment to tour. 

Don't Go Alone

When you're apartment hunting in a hot market, it can feel overwhelming to decide on an apartment. Bringing a friend or family member along can help you avoid making an offer on an apartment that doesn't match your budget, lifestyle, or desired location. Having someone with you can ensure you're assertive and make an offer on an apartment that's a good match for you. 

Securing an apartment you'll enjoy can be challenging when listings disappear nearly the same day they're available. Since there's a lot to consider as you go apartment hunting, the above tips can help considerably in knowing what you want and what you should avoid.

By preparing a list, taking photos, and bringing someone along to tours, you can feel a lot more confident in your decision of where to submit an application and what apartments are the best choice. 

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