Will A Luxury-Level Home Support Your Ideas Of A Happy Life At Home? Pro/Con Your Way To The Answer

Will A Luxury-Level Home Support Your Ideas Of A Happy Life At Home? Pro/Con Your Way To The Answer

Will A Luxury-Level Home Support Your Ideas Of A Happy Life At Home? Pro/Con Your Way To The Answer

10 September 2020
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You have dreams of living your life in a luxury home that really makes a comfortable life for you and your family possible is a luxury-level home right for you? Here are a few pros and cons to lead you to the right decision.

Pro: Luxury homes can have unique architecture or settings. 

Con: Unique architecture or settings may mean more costs of homeownership.

Multi-gabled roofing styles, intricately designed floor plans, multiple floors—all these things are common in a luxury home. Likewise, some homes are built in locations that are not all that common, such as on a private beach or near a mountain top. These things can make luxury homes so inviting to homebuyers, but they can also lend to higher costs of homeownership. For instance, a home with a multi-gabled roof will cost more when it is time for roofing repairs or replacement.  

Pro: You usually find luxury homes in prime locations. 

Con: Prime locations may come along with certain downfalls. 

One of the greatest advantages of luxury properties is that they can be found in some of the best locations or most preferred residential settings. You may find a home tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, perched on a bluegrass-covered plot of land bordering a national park in Kentucky, or seated on a beachfront on the sandy Gulf Shores.

While living in what can be considered some of the most beautiful places in the country is attractive, prime locations can sometimes come along with a few cons to consider as well. For example, a luxury home situated in a prime tourist location can mean higher prices locally for costs of living or heightened issues with theft. Check into the demographics of the area of any home you are looking at to make sure life beyond your home is going to be just as attractive. 

Pro: Luxury homes oftentimes provide more living space. 

Con: A larger home can be more expensive to heat and cool. 

While it is not a given, most luxury homes are going to yield more living space than usual. The idea of having extra bedrooms for guests, closets with dressing rooms in bedrooms, and a combination of rooms to be used as you see fit can be alluring. Do keep in mind, however, a larger luxury home will mean higher costs associated with heating and cooling most of the time. On a positive note, it is more common to find luxury homes outfitted with some of the best heating and cooling systems with energy-efficiency held as a top priority. 

To learn more about luxury homes, reach out to a local real estate agent.

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