Purchase A Starter Home Or A Forever Home

Purchase A Starter Home Or A Forever Home

Purchase A Starter Home Or A Forever Home

1 September 2020
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Obtaining home ownership may be your top goal right now and working hard to save a down payment can put your plan into motion, but you may not necessarily have the funding needed to invest in your dream residence. When deciding between a starter home and a forever home, you have several variables to consider. A realistic plan and a real estate agent's guidance can aid you in making a purchase that you will not regret.

Can You Benefit From Owning A Starter Home?

Rising rent costs and the constant hassle of needing to track down your landlord when repairs need to be made may be contributing to your decision to purchase a home as soon as you can, but you need to be certain that you will be comfortable with owning a modest home that does not necessarily include all of the amenities that you would prefer. A starter home that features a couple bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a decent-sized living area and a kitchen may be all that you need for the time being and you may even be able to begin your family while still living in this type of dwelling.If you think that your current living situation will drastically improve if you purchase a small home in a prime location and you are confident that you will be able to sell the property or build the equity you need, when you are ready to move into a larger dwelling, a real estate agent will help you find a residence that will fit your needs. It is important to be motivated while living in a starter home and to not lose sight of your end goal, since you may need to save money for several years.

Buying a home in a location that isn't ideal or investing in a 'fixer upper' that is going to be costly could actually affect your chance of moving into a larger home down the road, since you may have trouble selling your residence or be burdened with many expenses that will prevent you from affording a larger residence.

Are You Willing To Go The Extra Mile?

If you are willing to remain a renter for a while longer, investing in a forever home may be a better option. Even if your current living arrangement isn't ideal, you can either find an alternate rental unit or take on a roommate who can assist with costs.

This may provide you with a much more pleasant situation, which will alleviate your stress and help you stay focused on saving for a large residence. Start shopping around, to see what new home construction costs are and look at various home designs, to help you plan on what type of investment to make. Look at listings that a realtor provides, to help you fine tune your home preferences. Some companies, like RE/MAX Great Basin Realty, know how important this is.

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