3 Important Facts About Selling A Luxury Property

3 Important Facts About Selling A Luxury Property

3 Important Facts About Selling A Luxury Property

25 August 2020
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A luxury home is a house that is one of the most expensive homes on the marketplace in an area. A luxury home is usually in the multi-million-dollar range. When you are trying to sell a multi-million-dollar property, you are catering to a pretty exclusive crowd, which means you need to make sure your listing stands out.

Fact #1: Always Hire a Professional Stager

You may have one of the most expensive residential properties on the market, but that doesn't mean that you have your house arranged in a way that shows off its best features. It also doesn't mean you have your pace arranged in a way that will speak to potential buyers.

A professional stager, one who has worked on previous luxury listings, will know how to set your home up so that it appeals to potential buyers. They will help set your home up in a way that will show it off. That may mean having you put items into storage, rearrange things, and bring in new items in order to get the right feel.

Fact #2: Focus on What Makes Your Home Special

When you are selling a luxury home, there are bound to be a few things that make your home special. You want to focus on the things that make your home special and different from other luxury homes in the area. Perhaps your home was designed by a renowned architect and has special architectural features that make it special. Or maybe you have a special chef's kitchen that a real cook would absolutely love. Or perhaps you have a really spectacular view that no one else has.

Make sure the pictures, video, and marketing information for the home highlight what makes it special.

Fact #3: Consider Offering Special Parks with the Sale

When you are selling a luxury home, you may want to consider adding a few special perks to the sale that will make a buyer want to drop millions of dollars on the home. For example, if you have a really awesome wine cellar, consider offering a high-quality "starter pack" for the new owner with some exclusive vintages includes.

Or perhaps you have some really amazing artwork in the home that completely complements the space; consider including that in the sale of the home. Many luxury home buyers may be interested in getting a few perks like furniture, artwork, or a wine collection that helps set the home apart.

When it comes to selling a luxury home, don't assume your style and decorating is going to sell the home; hire a luxury professional home stager to take care of that for you. When you market the home, focus on the features that make your home unique, and consider offering special perks to make the purchase of your property even more appealing to a discerning buyer.  

For more tips and tricks on selling your luxury home, talk to a real estate agent in your area.

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