6 Ways To Save Money At Your First Student Apartment

6 Ways To Save Money At Your First Student Apartment

6 Ways To Save Money At Your First Student Apartment

11 August 2020
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Moving into your first student apartment can be an exciting time. You are ready to say goodbye to dorm life and get a little taste of freedom. However, freedom can be expensive. Here are a few ways to help you save money on your first student apartment.

1. Get a roommate. 

While you are just getting out of the dorms and probably wanting a little space, consider getting a roommate or two (or three). Not only does a roommate help cut rental costs in half, but it is also great for scary movie marathons to have an extra person around. 

2. Pay on time.

College life can get busy. Between late-night study sessions, early morning classes, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, things can slip your mind. Forgetting to pay your rent is a big deal. In fact, with late fees, you can end up paying $15 to $30 extra each month. 

3. Document damage.

Before you even move into your apartment, take the time to take pictures of all the damage in the apartment. If there is a stain on the carpet or a dent in the wall behind the front door, take a picture. While the staff may not have time to help you in person on move-in day, they should have a "Move In/Move Out" checklist. Fill it out and save a copy of it for yourself. Not documenting that the damage was pre-existing may mean that you have to pay for it when you move out. 

4. Cut the cable.

Some student apartment rentals have free cable and WiFi. Some don't. If you have to pay for cable, consider cutting the cord. With all the streaming services available, you really don't need it anyway. 

5. Always have food.

People who study need food, and they need it fast. If you have healthy, fresh food at the ready, you won't need to order in. In fact, the single biggest waste of money for college students living in student housing is food. Save your money and head to your fridge instead of calling the delivery service. 

6. Buy in bulk.

Head to a bulk food warehouse with a friend or two and buy staples in bulk. You may not need 36 rolls of toilet paper at once, but you could split it up and save money. 

Saving money does not have to hard. A few smart decisions here and there can really add up and make apartment life more affordable. 

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