Why Are You Getting a Ranch?

Why Are You Getting a Ranch?

Why Are You Getting a Ranch?

31 July 2020
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Why are you getting a ranch? Or, to be more clear, what exactly are you hoping to get out of your purchase of a ranch? What is your driving need? What does the ranch look like in your mind when you let yourself imagine it?

Maybe you think that's a little woolly to think about, but it's absolutely worth it to understand your dream ranch so you can communicate your wants and needs with your realtor. This way, they can help pinpoint and focus on exactly what you're looking for. Here are some questions to get you started.

What kind of livestock will you be working with, and how many?

A fairly traditional interpretation of a ranch generally involves livestock, but different types of livestock have different needs. Sheep don't require very much land to keep, for example, so if your fiber arts hobby has led you down the path towards owning sheep (you are not alone) then maybe you don't need a particularly big chunk of land. On the other hand, if you want to work with horses or cows, you may need more land.

How 'country' do you wanna live?

This is an important consideration. How far away from the nearest mall do you want to be? Is a local small-town grocery store going to be good enough for you on most days, or do you need to be near the big box store? Fortunately, some of the needs can be mitigated by using the internet—you can get just about anything delivered. However, your tolerance for living far out may vary. You may love the idea that you might need binoculars to see the neighbors, or you may be terrified of the idea of having to drive 90 minutes to get to a decent movie theater. You want to think about this very carefully and figure out how much you're willing to compromise on this.

Is This for Work or Play?

What you may be looking for might be something really recreational or hobby related. Or it may be a serious business, large or small. These things are important to think about before you start looking for a property. If you're looking for something you can just wander around on with a horse, that may look like a very different piece of property from starting a small artisanal goat cheese business.

Whatever your answers, good luck with your hunt. Contact agencies that have ranches for sale to learn more. 

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