What To Look For In 55 Plus Retirement Communities

What To Look For In 55 Plus Retirement Communities

What To Look For In 55 Plus Retirement Communities

23 July 2020
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As many seniors age, they want a more simple way of living. This may include moving out of their home to move to a retirement community, where they can take advantage of simple living, less home maintenance, and more like-minded neighbors. There are many retirement communities around the US that are geared towards 55 and older seniors. Keep reading to better understand what to look for in 55 plus retirement communities: 

Check the Rules and HOA Fees

Before you buy into a 55 plus community, you want to make sure that you know what you're getting into. As you start to tour communities, do check the rules. Can you decorate the exterior of your home as you wish? Do they have strict neighborhood rules? What is the monthly HOA fee? You want to know what's expected of you and know if you feel comfortable following the rules that are in place. 

Consider the Size

There are so many different types of 55 plus communities out there. Some of them are smaller and more intimate, making it possible for you to know all of the residents, while others are larger and have a lot of properties and residents. Consider your own needs and goals to figure out what size community would work best.

Check the Age Range

Not all retirement communities are strict about who can live there. If it's important to have neighbors who are similar in age and a similar life situation as you, make sure that you check the age range requirements in place at a particular community.

Make Sure the Lifestyle Meets Your Needs

Some 55 plus communities are geared towards more active seniors. As you look at community options, consider your own lifestyle and needs to make sure that their activities and offerings match up with the kind of life that you like to live.

Don't Ignore the Surrounding Area

You not only want to buy in a great 55 plus community, but you want to know what amenities are nearby. Look into the area as a whole when you begin to tour communities. Knowing that a town or city has activities and amenities that you enjoy, and that there are people similar to you, can make it more attractive to live in a particular community.

You can find a great 55 plus retirement community. If you need help beginning to look at options, reach out to a real estate company that specializes in retirement community home buying. 

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