Yard Features To Consider As You Shop For A Home

Yard Features To Consider As You Shop For A Home

Yard Features To Consider As You Shop For A Home

16 July 2020
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When you search for a home to purchase, it is easy to focus solely on the house itself. However, it is equally important that you pay attention to the yard. No matter what plans you have for your yard — its condition matters. As you browse properties, learn about some of the yard factors you want to focus on. 

Drainage System

Make sure the yard has an efficient drainage system in place. If the property does not have a drainage system, excess moisture could end up settling around the foundation of the home, which is not good. You may even detect cracks in the foundation as evidence of a lack of a drainage system as you tour the home. If there are any exterior structures on the home, such as a patio, make sure the water does not drain towards these structures as well.


Find out about the health of any trees on the property, especially if they are large. A large and unhealthy tree is very dangerous. An unhealthy tree can completely topple over onto a home, or at the very least, have issues with falling branches. Decay around the trunk of the tree, fungus, or hollow areas are often indications of poor health. It may be necessary for the tree to be removed, or pruned, before it is safe to purchase the home.

Yard Layout

If you have an idea of how you want to spend your time in the yard, make sure you the layout of the yard is accommodating of your plans. For example, if you want to see a large patio with an outdoor kitchen and a spa pool when you look out your back window, a property with the bulk of the yard space on the side of the house might not match your vision. Look for a property that meets all your needs.

Hardscaping Features

If the home has hardscaping features, it is also important to check their condition. Hardscaping includes structures like retainer walls and paved walkways. Hardscaping can be expensive to repair, so if these features have a short lifespan, you want to make sure this issue is factored into the overall cost of the property. Look for signs of unevenness, cracking, or missing pavers to identify problems.

Make sure you keep all these factors in mind as you browse for properties, and do not hesitate to let your real estate agent know about any yard demands you have as you search for real estate properties for sale.

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