Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Home

Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Home

Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Home

15 July 2020
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Home prices range from cheap to expensive, and you can find homes priced everywhere in between. If you want a house but do not want to spend a lot, you might want to learn some tips to help you find a great deal. How do you find the best deal? There are many ways, but here are four tips you can use that might help you find a great deal when looking at homes for sale.

1. Look for Fixer-Uppers

You will see a big difference in prices if you compare fixer-upper homes to turnkey properties. A turnkey property is a house that does not need work. It is updated, nice, and in good condition. A fixer-upper is a property that needs work. It might need only a small amount of work, or it could need a lot of work. In any case, fixer-upper homes are less costly. You can often find great deals on these properties, and there are reasons they are cheaper. One reason is that most people do not want fixer-uppers. There is a smaller market for them, so the prices are typically lower.

2. Find Homes with Long DOMs

Next, look for listings with long DOMs. DOM stands for days on the market. When a person lists a home, the home has a DOM of zero. After 30 days, the DOM is 30, and so on. Homes with long DOMs are houses that are not selling. The owners of these homes may eventually reach a point where they will lower the prices to sell them. They get tired of waiting, and the best way to respond to a house that will not sell is to drop the price.

3. Choose an Agent That Knows How to Negotiate

You can also get a better deal if you choose an agent that knows how to negotiate. You do not have to pay the listing price on a property. Instead, you can offer to pay a lower amount, and your agent can help you write an offer that helps you get a great deal.

4. Shop Within Your Budget

The final tip to use is to keep your budget. When you set a budget for a home, do not shop outside of it. Sticking with your budget will help you protect your finances.

Shopping for a house with these four tips might help you find a great home for the best price. If you want to start searching for the right house, talk to a real estate agent in your city.

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