Multi-Generational Household? 5 Things To Look For When Home Shopping

Multi-Generational Household? 5 Things To Look For When Home Shopping

Multi-Generational Household? 5 Things To Look For When Home Shopping

10 July 2020
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Are you a multi-generational family living together or wanting to find a home together? Although technically a family with multiple generations under one roof can live in just about any dwelling, the ideal home makes things comfortable and safe while minimizing family disagreements. What elements should you look for and why? Here are five key elements.  

1. Main Floor Amenities. If some of your family members (or yourself) are older, the home plan should include a variety of necessary amenities on a floor that doesn't require stairs. This would include the kitchen, entryway, at least one bedroom and bathroom, and preferably the ability to add a suite. The rest of the home could be a ranch style or multi-story as long as these areas remain accessible. 

2. Additional Suites. Most houses today have master suites that provide lots of living space as well as attached bathrooms. But can you add this same type of suite to other areas? For instance, you might be able to convert a large family room or two upstairs bedrooms into suites. The reason for the emphasis on suites is to add privacy — particularly for adults and married couples who share the home. 

3. Privacy Options. Creating privacy for different family members means that they won't be getting in each other's way and on anyone's nerves while living together. An open layout could hinder privacy while additional unused bedrooms give you opportunities to create home offices, craft rooms, home gyms, or family rooms. 

4. Exterior Entrances. Give everyone in the home a feeling of their own independence by opting for private exterior entrances to suites when possible. When an exterior entry isn't an option, consider adding a semi-private entrance near a person's living area. 

5. Affordability. Altering a single-family home to become a multi-generational living space requires an additional investment of time and money. This means you shouldn't stretch your shared budget too far to afford the main structure and land. Reserve a budget for remodeling bedrooms, adding entrances, or installing bathrooms or kitchenettes. 

The best features in a multi-generational house clearly aren't the same as the popular elements of a single-family residence. But when you look for the right things and adjust the space to your own needs, it will be one of the best investments you can make. Learn more by consulting with experienced real estate agents like those at Susan and Bradley Mohr: S&B Real Estate Group in your area today. 

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