Moving While Serving? What To Know About The Military Real Estate Cash Rebate Program

Moving While Serving? What To Know About The Military Real Estate Cash Rebate Program

Moving While Serving? What To Know About The Military Real Estate Cash Rebate Program

6 July 2020
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Buying or selling a home while serving in the military often presents special problems that civilians may not experience with real estate transactions. Yet, changing duty assignments and deployments require thousands of service members to navigate potentially complicated buying and selling processes each year. 

Fortunately, there are some military real estate rebate programs especially designed to help service members with much needed cash to help ease the pain of purchasing or selling their home. If you would like to learn more about cash rebate programs, this information can help. 

How is the rebate amount determined and when it is paid out? 

Property values differ widely across the United States. This often means that a home in a rural, mid-western state may sell for much less than a similar home located in an urban or heavily populated coastal area. Because of this, military real estate rebate programs offer cash rebates based on the actual selling price of the home, instead of a potentially lower amount based on a statistical national average. 

Real estate buyers and sellers who qualify for the military real estate rebate program are typically given the applicable rebate amount at the time when their home purchase or sale closes. 

Are the agents specially trained to assist with military real estate home purchase and sale transactions? 

In addition to the appeal of a cash rebate, service members and their eligible relatives who qualify for the military real estate rebate program can be assured that they will receive knowledgeable guidance and advice throughout the entire transaction. Agents who apply to participate in military rebate programs typically must demonstrate excellence in helping service families and individuals with their relocation needs before they are accepted. 

In addition to assisting with purchasing or selling a home, these agents can also assist with locating and securing rental homes, sourcing community and school information to ease the transition and assisting with other details relating to moves from one military base or duty assignment to another. 

Ready to learn more? 

In order to participate in a military real estate program of this type, individuals and families currently serving their country typically must register and determine if they qualify, before moving ahead to work with an agent. Agents who participate in these programs typically have accumulated a wide range of experience and expertise with all phases of the military relocation process, including rebate programs. 

To learn more about available military real estate rebate programs and determine whether you qualify, start by contacting a real estate agent or broker in your area. 

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