The Two Primary Services That Real Estate Agents Offer

The Two Primary Services That Real Estate Agents Offer

The Two Primary Services That Real Estate Agents Offer

15 June 2020
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Have you ever wondered what services real estate agents offer? While agents offer many different services, you can classify their services into two primary categories. The first category is helping people buy homes, and the second is helping people sell homes. Within these two classifications, agents perform a variety of tasks, and here are some of the primary ones.

Assistance to People Who Want to Buy Homes

Anyone who wants to buy a house will typically get preapproved from a bank and will then contact a real estate agent. A buyer's agent is the type of professional you need if you want to buy a house, and this agent will help you in many ways. Here are some of the duties a buyer's agent has when helping a person find a home to purchase:

  • Get to know you and your needs
  • Find out the must-have features you want in a home
  • Search for homes within your budget that provide the features you want
  • Set up showings for homes for sale
  • Assist you with negotiating on a transaction
  • Help you work through the closing requirements

When you want to buy a house, a real estate agent will be with you from day one until you close on the house and receive the keys. The best part is that you do not have to pay your agent any money. The agent earns a commission from the person selling the house you buy.

Assistance to People Who Want to Sell Homes

If you are on the other side of the deal, you may want to sell a house. In this case, you can also benefit from hiring an agent. A listing agent is a professional that helps people sell their homes, and here are some of the responsibilities of listing agents:

  • Help people know how to prepare and stage their homes
  • Assist with setting an asking price
  • Market the property
  • Set up showings
  • Negotiate on the sale
  • Work with you through closing

As you see, listing agents also have a lot of responsibilities. If you want to sell a house, find an agent today.

If you ever need to hire a real estate agent, it is probably to buy or sell a house. These are the two reasons people hire them. If you currently want to buy or sell a home, you can contact a real estate agent to learn more about the real estate services they offer. 

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