3 Things To Tell Your Realtor Right Off The Bat

3 Things To Tell Your Realtor Right Off The Bat

3 Things To Tell Your Realtor Right Off The Bat

28 May 2020
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The job of a real estate agent or realtor is to help you find the perfect home that suits your needs. In order to do this, a real estate agent needs to know what you want. But beyond the basic details of what you're looking for in a home, what should you tell your realtor? Here are a few things worth mentioning right off the bat.

1. How long you plan to stay in the home

Sure, plans change, and you may end up selling and moving on before or after you plan to. However, you should give your realtor your best guess as to how long you plan to remain in a home. Knowing whether you're looking for a place to stay for two years or ten, for instance, will allow your realtor to better recommend the appropriate budget and amenities. For example, a certain home may be perfect with a kitchen renovation, but if you're planning on moving in two years, your realtor will probably not recommend that home because it's not worth doing the work. On the other hand, it may be worth doing the work if you plan on living there for a decade.

2. What qualities are your deal-breakers

You probably gave your realtor a list of qualities you're looking for in a home. But it's a good idea to go a step further and let them know which of these qualities are absolutely essential. Maybe, for example, you absolutely need four bedrooms and will not even consider a home without four bedrooms. However, you're may be a bit flexible on your yard requirements and might be okay with 0.5 acres, not the 1.0 acres you asked for, if everything else is perfect.

3. How you prefer to communicate

There will be a lot of communication between you and your real estate agent in the coming months. The sooner you're able to get back to each other, the better. So from day one, try to be as open as possible with your real estate agent about your preferred method of communication. If you can't answer a phone call during a day, tell your agent that. If you don't text, tell them that, too. It's better to be upfront about this than to try to figure it out as you go along and miss out on important communication in the process.

The best real estate agents listen to their clients' needs and requests and take them seriously. Be upfront with your realtor and share the information above, and your home-buying process should be a great one. Reach out to a local realtor or real estate agent to get started. 

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