Meeting With A Buyer's Real Estate Agent? Tips For A Productive Experience

Meeting With A Buyer's Real Estate Agent? Tips For A Productive Experience

Meeting With A Buyer's Real Estate Agent? Tips For A Productive Experience

18 May 2020
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Your first meeting with a real estate agent is an exciting one. During this appointment, you and your agent will settle on the major things you're looking for in a home, set a budget, and talk about the buying strategies you'll use going forward. Here are some tips to follow to ensure this meeting is a productive one.

1. Think about what you want and need ahead of time.

Your real estate agent is going to ask you questions about how many bedrooms you want and how important a fenced yard is to you. Think about these things ahead of time. Make a list of things you need in a home and a second list of things you want in a home. This way, you'll have answers ready for your agent instead of having to hem and haw at each question. It's okay if there are a few things you're not certain of; one of your agent's roles is to offer advice when you're uncertain. But if you can show up with at least a basic idea of what you want in a home already, this will leave more time in the meeting for other discussions.

2. Know your budget.

You don't want to spend a week looking at homes in the $200,000 price range only to realize that the bank will only approve you for a $150,000 home. So before you meet with the real estate agent, consider applying for pre-approval for a mortgage through a bank or two. Know how much you're able to borrow, and calculate how much you're actually willing to spend. If you can give your agent a price range during this first meeting, they can do a better job of recommending neighborhoods and even specific homes.

3. Listen to the agent's advice.

Many potential buyers hold misconceptions about the real estate purchasing process. Or maybe what you think you know about the process was true 10 years ago but not today. Real estate agents, however, know the most up-to-date information about buying and selling property. Be ready to let them correct you and steer your knowledge during this first meeting. There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed if you find out the process is different than you imagined. This is why you hire an agent in the first place, so be open to taking their advice and letting them do their job.

If you let your agent guide you and come prepared with a budget and list of must-haves, your first meeting with a real estate agent should be a great one.

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