5 Ever-Popular Home Styles To Consider For Your New Home Build

5 Ever-Popular Home Styles To Consider For Your New Home Build

5 Ever-Popular Home Styles To Consider For Your New Home Build

12 May 2020
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Choosing the house that you will spend your days in is a lot of fun, especially when you get the chance to work with a new home builder that will create your house from the ground up. Take a look at some of the most common house styles you may want to consider for your new home build. 

1. Ranch-Style Home 

The ranch-style home is one of the most basic home styles in this country and beyond. Ranch-style homes have a standard, functional layout that fits a family. You will find a kitchen and living room on one end of the house, with the bedrooms, laundry areas, and bathrooms at the other end of the house. Of, course, there can be variations, but a ranch-style home is almost always a single level. 

2. Tudor-Style Home 

Steeply pitched roofs with a telltale peak, inviting entryways, and groups of windows—you can almost always spot a Tudor-style home from afar. Some would say these houses look a bit like they came out of a fairytale because of their genuine appearances, stately lines, and typically charming outward architecture. These homes can be really impressive in layout and design; the high-peaked roof allows for multiple stories and the addition of attention-grabbing features like a stone chimney or perched balcony. 

3. Farmhouse-Style Home 

Farmhouse-style homes are a modern-day preference, but back in the day when large, operational farms were more common, these houses would have likely been called plantation homes. Farmhouses tend to be more conservative in appearance, with a basic rectangular layout, a front porch, and a series of windows across the front of the home in the same size. 

4. Mediterranean Home 

The Mediterranean home is perhaps one of the more modern home styles in the United States, but in other areas, this kind of home has just been an ordinary tradition. A Mediterranean home typically has a solid-surface exterior, such as brick or stucco, a roof with a pronounced tile covering in terracotta or red tiles, and large windows. These homes tend to be sizable, with gallant entryways and some showy features like columns or cupolas.

5. Log Home

Just as it sounds, a log home is built out of actual logs, but the things that can spring from this basic building formation are extraordinary. Log homes were once built this way out of necessity, which is why you find a lot of historical cabins built from logs that are only one or two rooms. These days, however, a log home can be a sprawling structure with multiple levels, floor-to-ceiling windows, and statuesque frames. 

To learn more about your options, contact a new home builder.

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