How Agents Show Your Home When You List It For Sale

How Agents Show Your Home When You List It For Sale

How Agents Show Your Home When You List It For Sale

11 May 2020
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If you want to sell your home, you probably know that hiring an agent is the best route. When you hire a real estate agent, you have a person who is working on finding a buyer for your house. Your agent markets the home and gets the word out about it, and shortly after doing these things, your agent may receive some phone calls for inquiries about the home. These inquiries generally mean that people want to see your home. If you are wondering how this process works, here are some details about how home showings work when you list your home for sale.

Your Agent Places a Lock Box at Your Home

Your real estate agent will ask you if they can place a lockbox on your home. If you agree, this is the system that agents will use to show your home to prospective buyers. If you do not agree, you will have to come up with a different method. You should consider allowing your agent to do this, though, as it makes the home-showing process a lot simpler.

A lockbox is a locked device that contains your house key. The only way people can access the box is if they are a licensed real estate agent. When they arrive for viewings, the agent will open the lockbox with a universal type of key and will remove your house key. The agent will then use the key to gain access to your home. When finished, the agent will return the key to the box and will lock it.

The Technology of Lock Boxes

There are different types of lockboxes that agents use, but most of them have smart technology that tracks the actions of the box. They may track the times that agents opened it, and they may track the key used to the agent with that key. Your agent can view this information to determine if a showing took place or not, as well as finding out what agent accessed the box.

Viewings Sell Your House

Allowing the agent to place a lockbox at your house is essential for selling a home. The only way you can sell your house is through viewings. It may take one viewing or many, but you will eventually find a person who wants to purchase your house after they see what it offers. Talk to a real estate agent to learn more about this process.

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