Buying A Single Family Home With Your Cats And Dogs In Mind

Buying A Single Family Home With Your Cats And Dogs In Mind

Buying A Single Family Home With Your Cats And Dogs In Mind

11 May 2020
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Animal lovers tend to see the world as a wide-open space for themselves and their pets. This is also the mindset when looking for a new home to purchase. If you are a lover of cats and dogs, you know that paying attention to their particular needs is integral in them being comfortable in their new abode. If you own both cats and dogs, and you want to make them happy, here are some ideal characteristics to find when looking at single-family homes.

Make sure the HOA allows pet doors

If you have a cat that is an inside/outside cat, training the cat to stay indoors all of the time can make them stir crazy. If you have a dog that is used to being able to go in the backyard as they desire, you may find it difficult to remember when to take them outside for a potty break. A pet door will make it possible for your cats and dogs to get inside and outside as they please. Some homeowners associations have rules on pet doors, so make sure you get the bylaws of the community and read other the sections about pets and home improvements. This will allow you to pick a pet-friendly community. 

Go for a home with low steps

All pets become senior pets at some point in their life. When your pet ages, it will be more difficult for them to climb up and down stairs. If your room is on the second floor, and you allow your pets to roam, select a home that has fewer steps so that your pets can always access the full run of the house. If you wish for your pets to sleep with you, select a single-family home that has a master bedroom downstairs. 

Find out where the sidewalk ends

Sidewalks will be important when you have pets of any species. When you take your dogs outside for a leashed walk you will need a space to walk them so that you do not have to trample over your neighbor's grass during an afternoon walk. If your cats are allowed to wander outside and return at their leisure, you need to make sure there are sidewalks for them to walk on so that they do not get used to walking in the street near cars. A single-family home should be purchased in a planned community that made easy sidewalk access a priority. 

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