Selling Your Waterfront Home? 3 Things To Fix Up Before Showings

Selling Your Waterfront Home? 3 Things To Fix Up Before Showings

Selling Your Waterfront Home? 3 Things To Fix Up Before Showings

8 May 2020
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Owning a waterfront home is an incredible asset. In addition to paving the way for convenient summer vacations, waterfront properties can also be excellent for a financial portfolio, helping you to create an attractive profit if you ever decide to sell. Here are three things to fix up before you list your waterfront property on the market. 

1. Your Dock

Whether people interested in your home arrive by car or by boat, they will eventually make their way to your dock to check it out. If your dock is old, damaged, or dated, it could be a sign that your property wasn't cared for as well as it could have been.

Before you list your home, hire a professional contractor to work on the dock. Have them replace damaged, rotten boards, replace anchoring points, and shore up handrails. Consider having the entire deck re-stained and varnished, helping to improve the look of the area and its ability to repel water quickly. 

2. The Back Yard

People buy waterfront property for the views and easy access to the lake, which is why the area outside of your house is crucial. Make sure areas like the yard are incredibly well-maintained and free of weeds, broken components, and extra decorations. 

Before you have a home showing, consider hiring professional landscapers to come through the area, clean up the lawn, pull weeds, and remove extra components that you no longer need. Plant flowers in the yard, and consider having hanging baskets filled with plants on your porch. 

3. Porches and Decks

Outdoor spaces like porches and decks will always be popular for people who invest in waterfront property since they help people to enjoy the gorgeous views from the home. Make sure porches and decks are in decent shape and consider having the area spruced up carefully before you have anyone come to the house. 

Clear away any empty pots, children's toys, dirt, and damaged patio furniture. Instead, focus on only keeping well-maintained items in the area and keeping the majority of the square footage free of debris to create an open, airy feeling. 

If you have questions about how to move forward with fixing up your home before a showing, turn to a real estate agent in your area with experience selling waterfront houses. In addition to helping with everything from telling you what you should improve to listing your house for sale, they can also offer targeted advice for the price you hope to fetch. Meet with a professional today to create a plan for your property.

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