Improve Your Single-Family Home with These 3 Projects

Improve Your Single-Family Home with These 3 Projects

Improve Your Single-Family Home with These 3 Projects

7 May 2020
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Updating your home with the right projects before you move can add value and visual interest to your space, which could help you to attract new buyers. However, it can be tricky for people to know what to update and when, especially if they are on a tight budget. Here are three projects you should consider for your home, and why you won't regret the time or financial investment. 

1. Shutters

Shutters are like eyelashes for your home, adding striking contrast to the exterior, while also adding another pop of color. Shutters are also available in an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be painted easily if you need to update your home's exterior. 

When you add shutters to your home, keep in mind that you will be drilling holes into the side of your house, and essentially using one-way pins to attach those shutters to your home. When it is time for the new owners to switch out the shutters, they will need to snip the plastic connectors that hold them to the house, and then put up new shutters the same way. 

2. Landscape Curbing

If you want an easy way to delineate the landscaping in your yard, consider investing in cement curbing. Cement curbing gives you the chance to create a clear line of concrete in a decorative, molding pattern between your lawn and your flowerbeds, creating a crisp, clean look. When you install landscape curbing, keep in mind that you will need to hire professionals to put it in, and you will also need to keep the joints clean to prevent weed growth between cement lines. 

3. New Interior Paint

Few things spruce up the inside of your place quite like a fresh coat of paint. New paint can create a beautiful contrast inside your home between the flooring and ceilings, so think about picking up a few gallons and starting on your project. To attract a long list of buyers, consider picking up a neutral color such as a warm white or a neutral gray to keep your space feeling open and beautiful. 

When you are ready to start updating your home, start with the projects that are nearest and dearest to your heart. Think about where you want to spend your time, what you want to do in those areas, and how to move forward with the projects that are important to you. For instance, if you love fresh air and reading, creating an outdoor reading nook on your porch could be a fun project. For more information on single-family homes, contact local real estate agents. 

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