4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Luxury Home Without Dropping The List Price

4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Luxury Home Without Dropping The List Price

4 Tips To Help You Sell Your Luxury Home Without Dropping The List Price

29 April 2020
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When you sell a luxury home, you are selling a top product. You want to value your home correctly and sell your home quickly enough so that you don't have to drop the price. You want to get the true value out of your home.

Tip #1: Understand the Market

First, you need to make sure you understand not just the general buying marketing for homes but the buying market for luxury homes. You need to make sure you understand what luxury homes are being priced in your area so you don't overprice your home.

Knowing what the most popular price range is right now for luxury homes will allow you to set your home at a competitive price point that doesn't seem too high for the market and doesn't make your home look like too much of a steal either.

Tip #2: Hire the Right Agent

You want to hire a real estate agent who specializes in selling homes that are priced over a million dollars. Homes in the million-plus category generally attract a different type of buyer than regular family homes.

There are buyers who may have more refined tastes and who may be looking for certain amenities. These are buyers who expect to be treated with white gloves throughout the price. You want a real estate agent who has contacts with these types of buyers and knows how to cater to their needs.

Tip #3: Hire a Professional to Stage Your Home

When it comes to selling your luxury home, you are trying to sell your home and appeal to a specific type of buyer. Your home needs to reflect the needs of the buyer, which is why you need to hire a professional to stage your home.

A professional will set up your home in a manner that is appealing to your ideal buyer. They will help you declutter your home and bring in artwork and furniture that creates the image of the lifestyle you are trying to sell. Staging a home can increase the value of your home and ensure you don't have to drop the price of your home.

Tip #4: Hire a Professional Photographer

Having great pictures can help your home move off the market at a faster rate. Most people look at homes online, and many people rule out homes based on the pictures alone. With the pictures, you want to hire a professional with a real estate photography experience.

You want them to capture the essence and lifestyle of your home. You want staged pictures that not only show off the home but tell a story about the lifestyle that someone could have living in your luxury home. Great photographers will allow someone to imagine living in your home.

If you want to sell your luxury home without dropping the price, study the market, work with a high-quality real estate agent, hire a professional to stage your home and hire a professional photographer. With the right team of professionals, you will be able to quickly sell your luxury home without reducing the price.

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