Three Tips For Choosing A Virtual Office Space

Three Tips For Choosing A Virtual Office Space

Three Tips For Choosing A Virtual Office Space

27 April 2020
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The way the world works is constantly evolving. More and more companies are moving their staff to remote work positions due to public health concerns, overhead, and international operations. As the office moves online, you will need a solution to replace the standard office. A virtual office space can be the solution that provides you with a location when you need one without the cost or overhead of maintaining a full-time office setting. The following tips can help you choose the best virtual office solution for your needs.

Choose a Centralized Location

The best method for determining the location of your virtual office space depends on the specific needs of your business. If most of your staff reside in the same general geographic area, then that may be the ideal location to rent a virtual office. On the other hand, if your staff are all over the country or world, it may be better to choose a virtual space either near your main concentration of clients or in the hub city for your industry. Another consideration is how often you plan to use the space. A nearby location is more important if you plan to host weekly meetings at the virtual office, and less important if you plan to use it only quarterly.

Know What Functionality You Need

Once you have a location in mind, you need to determine what types of services your business needs from its virtual office. Do you just need an occasional small meeting room or a full-scale conference room? Will you occasionally need employees to work on-site, which will require the office to have workstations available for your use? You should also ask about the amenities offered. For example, will there be photocopiers, computers, printers, a mailing center, or an on-site kitchen that you will have access to when you are using your virtual office space?

Check for Person-to-Person Services

Another benefit provided by some virtual offices is the use of shared person-to-person services. Reception and an answering service can be especially helpful. You can route calls through to the virtual office receptionist, who will give clients the impression that they are your company's dedicated receptionist. You can then pick up messages and return calls at your convenience. Other useful person-to-person services are staffed mailrooms and courier services.

Contact an agent that has experience in virtual office spaces so you can find the best location for your business.

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